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2nd Years

August Refreshers (Greystones)

3rd Years

5th Years

6th Years

Please be advised that timetables are subject to change until August 13th 2021. Enrolled clients will be informed of any such changes via email.


What's Included

Unlimited Number of FREE 75 Minute Grinds

FREE Notes

What to Expect

These Free Refresher Classes are on offer for students who are transitioning from 1st to 2nd Year, 2nd to 3rd Year, 3rd/4th to 5th Year and 5th to 6th Year in September 2021.

We want to help ensure that students hit the ground running from the day they start back in school in what will ultimately be a very important year for them as they continue, or in some cases begin, preparing for their State Examinations. It is also a great opportunity for students to experience how Exam Focus Ireland and our excellent Tutors can help them prepare for such important exams.

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