Student Comments

“My tutor was amazing. Due to my procrastination skills, I ended up leaving myself very short of time preparing for my maths exam. Mr. Verveen got me focused and together we tackled the remainder of the study. I could not have done it without him.”

— Katie, Dublin


“Mr. Verveen explained things to me in a way I actually understood and always made me work for every answer instead of just giving it to me. Although this was frustrating at times it helped to me understand the problem alot better once I got it. Thank you!”

— Sinead, Wicklow


“Mr. Verveen explored areas of maths I never knew existed. He showed me a deeper meaning and understanding of the topic. It has helped build confidence, since calulus is rather difficult and not one of my strongest topics. This program is really great and especially recommendable!"

— Stephen, Wexford


“I've had many great experiences with Mr. Verveen and this past session had to be one of the greatests! My tutor was very intelligent and showed me how to solce problems through manipulation and skill! I was very impressed! He taught me step-by-step, answered all my questions, and reassured me. If not for him, I'd probably never have understood the topic!"

— Paul, Wicklow

Parent Comments

“Exam Focus Ireland is a wonderful idea, students are able to receive very specific help in a non-traditional, non-threatening environment. I think schools, teachers and students will all be delighted with the extra support around stressful exam times.”

— Ruth, Wicklow


“This program is individualized to help every student be successful in school, whether the child is an honor student tackling new concepts or a student who needs help developing the basic subject skills.”

— Valerie, Dublin


“This is a program that provides real value to the community. By helping kids do better in school, we boost their confidence and ensure that they stay engaged in academics, instead of the activity on the streets. This is the kind of programming we need more of, and the kind of public-private partnerships that I encourage."

— Steve, Dublin


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