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Meet The Team


Daniell Verveen

Daniell graduated from DCU as a Mathematics and Chemistry Teacher and recently attained a Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership from University Limerick. As Exam Focus Ireland's founding tutor, he has almost a decade of experience teaching Maths & Chemistry at all levels. He was on the front-line during the Leaving Certificate Project Maths reform and once again finds himself leading change during Junior Cycle reform. In his free time, he enjoys long walks with his two dogs and playing chess!

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Aisling Doyle

Aisling has been a part of Exam Focus Ireland for the last 5 years. She has a passion for education and seeing students see success. Her goal is to always create a positive learning environment for all students and encourage the importance of communication between students, parents and tutors. She prides herself on communication and Aisling will always endeavour to provide a positive experience!


Aileen Wall-Adderley

Aileen is a Biology Tutor for Exam Focus Ireland. Her classes focus on giving students the knowledge they need to succeed in their exams and the confidence to take on any exam paper question. She aims to cover most of the Leaving Certificate course during the year but there is a particular focus on definitions and the chapters that appear most frequently on the paper e.g. genetics, respiration etc. Each week she goes through notes and practices exam paper questions. This allows students the time to ask questions while getting used to exam paper phrasing, length of answers expected and the marking schemes.


Stephanie O'Neill

Stephanie is a Modern Languages teacher with experience teaching and examining at second and third level, including Université Paris-Sorbonne where she specialised in teaching written and oral production.

As a French and Spanish teacher and tutor at Exam Focus, Stephanie seeks to support students to achieve their full potential by bringing each language to life. 

Every week, students will gain a deeper insight into the grammar and vocabulary required to succeed in the Leaving Certificate Examinations. Through the exploration of authentic written texts, sample answers, listening practice, and oral production, students will leave each lesson feeling empowered to succeed in their chosen language.


Evan Verveen

Evan graduated from DCU with a degree in Actuarial Mathematics. During his degree he was also tutoring with Exam Focus Ireland. He is now beginning his 5th year of tutoring with the Company. As a tutor, Evan's main goal is to encourage students to push their boundaries ensuring they achieve their maximum potential. If you can't find Evan in one of the Exam Focus buildings then he is probably out on the golf course!


Dayle Nolan

Dayle is an English and History teacher and has been working for some years now. Dayle graduated from UCD with a Professional Masters in Education in his subjects. Dayle’s creates an inclusive and open class where the focus is on understanding the marking scheme while also developing the writing of each student through understanding their texts. In his spare time, Dayle enjoys travelling and long walks with his dogs.

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Abbie Molloy

Abbie has been teaching maths at Exam Focus Ireland for some years now.  She graduated from DCU with a first class honours degree in Mathematics and Physical Education teaching. As a full time educator, Abbie understands students' needs and shapes her lessons to suit all learners. Her classes are focused on decomposing complex topics into easier, manageable steps so as to cater for all students' learning.


Albertine O'Donovan

Albertine is a native French speaker born in Provence, France. She has been teaching Leaving Cert French for more than 20 years. She holds a degree in French and Spanish. Being a native French speaker, she specialises in Higher Level Leaving Cert French. She believes that the most important tools in learning French are grammar and vocabulary which will ensure that students obtain the best possible grades in their exams.

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Eileen Verveen

Eileen has over 20 years of experience in the teaching industry. She worked in the Primary school sector previously and continues her passion for working with kids as part of the Homework Club in Exam Focus Ireland. Eileen is passionate about encouraging students with their studies and finding a solution to suit all students. Her ultimate goal is to spread positivity in the workplace and ensure that everybody comes out with a positive learning experience. If you have any enquiries Eileen will have no problem helping you out!


Ella Verveen

Ella's creativity is prioritised as part of the Exam Focus Ireland marketing team. She has a flair for developing the creative side of the business. She is constantly coming up with new and improved ideas on how to market Exam focus Ireland. Ella's main focus is creating an accessible and pleasing approach to the media platforms. She is also a Communications student in DCU.

Aífe O'Brien


Lorna Burke.png

Lorna Burke

Lorna teaches Biology at Exam Focus Ireland. Her love for teaching Biology can be seen in the classroom through the use of fun and interactive approaches to learning. She aims to make the subject interesting and tries to link it to the real world as much as possible. In class, we work on exam style questions and fine tune answers to ensure maximum success in exams. As a group, we pinpoint key areas to focus on when studying each chapter, developing great study skills and notes. 

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Genna Symes

Genna is a Physics student in Trinity College Dublin, hoping to specialise in the area of astrophysics. A past student of Exam Focus Ireland, Genna is acutely aware of the stress and pressure that can come with the Leaving Certificate. As part of StudySpace, Genna provides students with Maths, Applied Maths & Physics support on Saturdays and develops resources for them to help with their study.

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Laura Winters

Laura is a highly experienced teacher of Irish with over 20 years’ experience teaching and correcting at the highest level. She has a First Class Honours degree in Irish and a H.Dip.Ed from UCD and holds an Advanced Diploma in Irish Legal Translation from Kings’ Inns. Her notes are prepared with the learner in mind and are clear, concise, and aim to provide students with the means to achieve a top grade. Laura’s top tips with regard to essay writing are to use a variety of high-level, topic-specific vocabulary, to avoid repetition, to have one strong point per paragraph, and to have at least 5 extremely well-prepared essays that can be adapted to a variety of essay titles. As for the oral, preparation and practice are key, with the aid of detailed and focussed notes. All essays, answers and notes provided are of H1 standard. Laura endeavours to ensure that each student reaches his or her full potential in this subject.

Lucas Dowling



Robert Mathews 

Robert has over a decade of experience teaching in one of Ireland's highest achieving schools. Prior to this he worked as a tutor for the School of Geography in University College Dublin for 1st and 2nd Year students, specialising in Geographic methods. Robert holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and History, a Master's in Geography and a Postgraduate Diploma in Geography and History all through UCD. He recently completed his Master's in Educational Leadership and Management through Trinity College Dublin. Robert has also spent seven years as a Transition Year Coordinator. To date his students have consistently earned many times the national average of H1s and H2s in Geography at Leaving Certificate Higher Level.

Nicole Lambert.jpeg

Nicole Lambert

Nicole is a music teacher and her passion and love for teaching music is evident through all of her lessons, with the main aim being student enjoyment and engagement with all lessons. Nicole’s classes focus on motivating each student to reach their full potential in all aspects of their music studies and providing them with concise and structured notes to ensure they are fully prepared to tackle any question that can appear in an exam. Along with this, she spends time on exam-style questions every week to give students have every opportunity to achieve great results in their exams

Annmarie Sheahan


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