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October Maths Masterclasses

Monday 30th of October - Friday 3rd of November 2023



3rd, 5th & 6th Year Masterclasses cost €80 (4 Hours over 2 Days)

2nd Year Masterclasses cost €60

(3 Hours over 1 Day)

October Intensives

Non-Exam Years

After 8 weeks back in school students sometimes find a subject is running away from them. This can be particularly true for non-exam year students in the area of Higher Level Maths. For this reason we are offering a 2nd & 5th Year Masterclass to revise Algebra in preparation for impending Christmas Exams.

Exam Years

This will be exam-year students' first major opportunity to get on top of some study. It is not always easy to motivate yourself to do this however! Our 3rd & 6th Year Higher Level Maths Masterclasses are designed to be 4 of the most productive hours of your mid-term break.

With exam focused questions, top quality notes & experiencedenthusiastic tutors we are certain that this is the perfect class for any exam year student.

What's Included?

4 Hours of Exam-Focused Grinds in a classroom setting. (3 Hours for 2nd Year HL Maths)

Booklet of High Quality Notes and Exam-Style Questions.

What to Bring

Pencil Case & Ruler.


Formulae & Tables Book.

Booking Form

Please fill out the form below to register your interest for any of the above courses. We will then contact you to confirm your place. Once dates, times and topics have been confirmed we will contact you with this update. You can opt-out of the course at this point if dates/times do not suit.

Success. We will contact you in the next working day to confirm your booking.

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