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October Maths Masterclasses



All Masterclasses cost €60.

October Intensives

After 8 weeks back in school students sometimes find a subject is running away from them. This can be particularly true for non-exam year students in the area of Higher Level Maths. For this reason we are offering a 5th Year Masterclass to revise Algebra in preparation for impending Christmas Exams.

This will be exam-year students' first major opportunity to get on top of some study. It is not always easy to motivate yourself to do this however! Our 3rd & 6th Year Higher Level Maths Masterclasses are designed to be 3 of the most productive hours of your mid-term break.

With exam focused questions, top quality notes & experiencedenthusiastic tutors we are certain that this is the perfect class for any exam year Higher Level Maths student.

What's Included?

3 Hours of Exam-Focused Grinds (taking place in the classroom)

Booklet of Notes.

What to Bring

Pencil Case & Ruler.


Formulae & Tables Book.

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